Richmond cardiologist 'walks the walk' at acac

Chippenham Johnston-Willis (CJW) cardiologist Dr. Michael Arcarese not only recommends that his patients exercise, he will exercise with them.

Dr. Arcarese invites his patients and the community to join him in a workout at acac Fitness and Wellness on Saturday, July 25, from 1 – 3pm.

It’s all part of a special event organized by Dr. Arcarese and Nicole Ditto, acac‘s Physician Referred Exercise Program (p.r.e.p.) Physician Liaison in Midlothian, Virginia.

Dr. Arcarese hopes that his patients will come out to try a sample p.r.e.p. workout, which is appropriate for most people who are new or returning to exercise. Community members who are not currently patients of Dr. Aracarese are welcome to participate, too.

“Adding just a few minutes of activity to your day is the first step towards better health,” says Ditto. She emphasizes that the p.r.e.p. program meets patients where they are and helps remove some of the uncertainty surrounding beginning an exercise program.

“‘What exercises are best for me?’, ‘How often and how long do I need to work out?’, and ‘Am I doing the exercise safely and effectively?’ are all common questions when beginning a program,” Ditto explains. “Dr. Arcarese and the p.r.e.p. team want to show patients simple steps they can take that will bring big rewards.”

Ditto hopes that this event will be the first of many others like it.

“Dr. Arcarese firmly believes in the power of exercise, and this is an extraordinary show of support for p.r.e.p. at acac,” she says. “We know that together we can help members of our community become stronger and healthier with a goal of reducing the need for medications, reversing existing health issues, and preventing future illness.” 

Research has shown that physicians as a group are leaner, fitter and live longer than average Americans. Studies have also shown that doctors who exercise and watch their weight are more likely to counsel patients to do so, and they are more credible to their patients, too. (Wall Street Journal Health Journal, May 25, 2010, Melinda Beck)

To join in the sample p.r.e.p. workout, please RSVP via email and arrive at acac at least 10 minutes before the workout begins and check in at the front desk. Please wear comfortable, casual workout clothes and shoes.

Date: Saturday, July 25, 2015

Time: 1-3pm

Location: acac Fitness & Wellness Center

11621 Robious Road

Midlothian, VA 23113













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