Crazyman Fitness Challenge

Join the 2015 Crazyman Fitness Challenge!

It’s crazy to keep doing the same thing over and over… and over.  It’s time to try some NEW crazy things you don’t normally do!

Here’s what you need to know to get started:

Challenge begins midnight on September 23.

Challenge ends midnight on October 23.

The challenge is $15 to participate. All participants who register by September 16 will get a CRAZYMAN shirt.

Program Guidelines:

Any location is acceptable: inside, outside, Downtown, Albemarle Square, or Crozet!

Record your efforts on cards located near the Fitness Desks in each club.

What Counts:

20 minutes on each cardio machine: treadmill, elliptical, bike, stair master, rower.

Complete 2 circuit-style strength workouts on our Health Quest equipment.

Try 4 NEW Group Ex Classes: Must include one Water class and one Mind Body class.

Incorporate at least 3 NEW track moves into your workout: Chariot walks, farmers walks, skipping, karaoke, speed walking, etc.

Get Outdoors! Run, bike, swim, kayak, roller skate, hike… anything. Stay tuned for acac sponsored outdoor activities!

EXTRA CREDIT: Bypass a requirement by attending any of our FREE Wild Card events throughout the month, including sessions with Personal Trainers, nutrition talks and more.  For a full calendar of Wild Card events, click here: 2015 Sept-Oct MiniClinics

acac Team Members will be available for help throughout the challenge. Those who complete the Crazyman are eligible for prize drawings at the end of the challenge.

Contact Lise for more information.