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Personal Training Client Story: Graham B.

Graham’s Story

“Initially the reason I started training with Jim is because he made the phone call for the 3 free trial sessions. Even though I knew that these sessions were available I was hesitant to make the call myself. So, the initial phone call was important and is what got me started.

Why I have stayed with Jim as a trainer is because we work well together, he makes it fun and interesting, and most importantly I have made measurable progress towards my fitness goals. In addition, he is great at knowing just how much I am capable of without getting me frustrated or injured.

I have lost 20 lbs since starting the training. My balance has improved as well and is measurable in the balance exercises we do. There are exercises I could not do at all when I started training which I am now doing fairly comfortably. My fitness has improved as well and is very noticeable. As you know, when I started I could barely do one short exercise at a time before exhausting myself, now I am able to complete a circuit of vigorous exercise. Simply a huge improvement in less than 2 months.

I know I would not have achieved this without Jim’s help. I still have a-ways to go to meet my goals and I do plan on continuing training with him for at least another 8 weeks and probably more.

Update: I started in 2015 weighing in at 255lbs. and by October 2016 I have almost reached my goal by weighing in at 186lbs.

Thank you Jim for all of your help.”

-Graham B.

Graham’s Trainer: Jim Haseltine,

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