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The Positive "Side Effects" of Yoga

by Carrie Shuler

I love teaching and practicing yoga. There’s something about mindfully combining movement with yogic breathing that feels so natural to me. It feels simple and comfortable. I feel utterly at home on my yoga mat.

When I began practicing yoga ten years ago, I knew early on that I would practice for the rest of my life – unlike other physical exercises I’ve tried. I knew my practice would change as my body changed, that I would need the support of the practice at certain times more than at others, and that yoga would be with me on and off the mat. I also knew that my body would change and that I would change. If I cultivated a relationship with myself, I would feel compassion when those changes came.

When I teach yoga, I consider myself a tour guide of the body. I help students feel their breath, listen to their bodies, and acquaint themselves with their minds. I hope to cultivate stillness and a sense of being, not of doing. I try to allow students the space for their body to communicate its wisdom.

February is #YogaYourBest month at acac.  Make a date with yourself to perhaps practice yoga, or to meditate, or to swim laps, or to take a dance class. acac can help you keep your date time simple and enjoyable. With their knowledgeable staff, state-of-the-art facilities, and variety, acac encourages you to be you.

Spend a little time this month celebrating. Celebrate your body, your breath, and your ability to move!


Click the links below to find a yoga class at an acac location near you. All Group Exercise and Mind/Body classes are included with your acac membership!

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