Charlottesville Alert

Clubs have a modified schedule on Memorial Day. Click here for the details.  |  The Downtown pool temperatures may fluctuate for the next few days as we perform maintenance on the pool heaters. Thank you for your patience!

special summer classes

Charge Up Your Summer Workout with a New Group Class! 

Did you know your acac membership includes access to over 300 weekly Group Exercises classes for free? 

We have a few suggestions for some great new special summer classes at our acac Downtown club that can help you beat the heat outside and get a great workout:   

Sunday: H.I.I.T. Basic Training, 10:30-11:15am in the Downtown Group Ex Studio. Sweat through a series of cardio and strength circuits with emphasis on form, technique, safety and modifications. Ideal for those new to class.

Wednesday: Strength Challenge Basic, 7:15-8:00pm in the Downtown Group Ex Studio. Go through basic exercises in circuits or intervals using a variety of equipment and body weight.

You can see all of our group exercise, mind body, and aquatic classes by visiting our group class page.