Charlottesville Alert

Club renovations at Albemarle Square will begin Monday, January 23rd! Click here to learn more.  |   Albemarle Square and Downtown clubs will close at 5:30pm on Sunday February 12 for a team event.   


Energy Therapies


Detect and correct restrictions and imbalances while restoring your body to a more optimum level of health and functioning with this gentle touch therapy. This treatment is performed with the client fully clothed.


Reiki is a type of energy medicine that utilizes “universal life force” as it flows through a Reiki practitioner’s hands to the patient. In this way, nothing other than divine energy is passed on, and the results can be staggering. Depending on the patient’s openness to the process as well as the body’s specific needs, everything from stress reduction to specific healing can be achieved. Currently the most accepted form of alternative healing in the Western medical world, Reiki is utilized in over 800 hospitals nationwide.