Germantown Alert

Sidewalk Repairs begin Thursday Jan 19

We will be leveling the sidewalks on the parking lot side of the building. On Thursday January 19 two handicap parking spots will be closed during the day.  The sidewalk on the side of the building in front of the basketball court will be closed Thursday and Friday. Next week we will repeat this process on the sidewalk on the Group Fitness side of the building. If the weather cooperates we will close two handicap parking spots during the day on Monday and the sidewalk will be closed Monday and Tuesday.

Thank you for your patience and please exercise caution in the parking lot.

Kids Zone

At acac Kids Zone, our CPR certified professionals offers age-appropriate programs to kids of all ages in a comfortable, safe environment. When you add your children on a family membership, you get all access to special kids programs and events.

Ages 8 weeks to 6 years

Bring your children to play with toys, read books, or color while you workout. Our friendly staff will make sure they are safe and happy!

Ages 7 – 13

The pre-teen & teens can unwind, play games and get some homework done after school, with Wii games, homework stations, computers, board games, active games, and more.

Ages 14 – 15

Healthy Start is our six week wellness launch program that includes fitness assessments, trainer assisted workouts and instruction, personal evaluations, goal setting, and equipment instruction. Once the Healthy Start program is completed, your child will have full center privileges when accompanied by a parent. 

Ages 16+ 

Your children ages 16 – 21 have regular fitness membership privileges and use of the wellness center under a family membership. 

Kids Zone Class Schedule