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Client Testimonial - Jennifer

I had my first session with Nicole back in April of 2015, six months after the birth of my second son. Though I had exercised religiously throughout both of my pregnancies, it was hard to find time for the gym with two little ones at home. I stayed active with stroller walking, but realized that I’d need to add strength training back into my workouts if I wanted to regain the energy and power of my pre-baby body. I finally signed up for personal training at ACAC, and they matched me with Nicole. From the start, Nicole has been a positive force in my life. She pushes me in exactly the right way, challenging me to surpass what I think are my limits. She knows my weak spots, and she knows how to make me feel awesome. She’s hilarious and fun but serious about her job and thoughtful of her clients. She’s literally the only person who I will wake up at 5:00am for, including my own children. In just over a year, I’m not only back to my pre-baby body, but am stronger and more confident than I’ve been my entire life.