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Surviving Injury – Core Strength is Key with Candace
Tues, October 18 | 11am | Basketball Court
Learn the importance of core strength in your daily routine as well as when you are faced with an unexpected injury.
Sitting Room Only with Teresa
Wed, October 19 | 11am | Basketball Court
Learn how to sit to stand properly and help reduce back, hip & knee pain.
Speed and Agility for Adults with Sarah
Thurs, October 20 | 10am | Basketball Court
Mon, October 24 | 5:30pm | Basketball Court
Try some speed and agility sports drills that will benefit your game on the court or the field.
Key Upper Back Exercises for Adults with Ryan
Mon, October 24 | 1:30pm | Studio B
Upper back stability is key in activities of daily living as well as sports performance. Learn exercises to improve posture and reduce injury.
 The Importance of Posture on Movement & Health with Andrew
Tues, October 25 | 11am | Basketball Court
Posture is important for every system in the body to work efficiently and effectively. Learn ways to overcome muscle imbalances and have correct posture.