Hike the Appalachian Trail with acac!

Avoid the weather and Hike The Appalachian Trail this winter with acac!

Complete the 546 miles of the Virginia portion of the Appalachian Trail from the comfort of acac. Saturday, Oct. 15 through Saturday, Jan. 31, tracking your mileage on the treadmill, step-mill, elliptical, or bike to acquire the distance needed. You will have 77 days to complete the trail and mileage will be accumulated at different levels to help you succeed. See below for mileage breakdown and tracking.

The cost is $5 and all participants are invited to a social early in 2107 to celebrate and finishers will receive a prize. Register at the front desk!

Mileage Breakdown:
Southern End- 166 miles
Central- Blue Ridge Parkway- 225 miles
Shenandoah park Region-101 miles
Northern End- 54 miles
Treadmill Tracking:
0-2% incline will be calculated mile for mile
3-6% incline will be calculated at 2X the miles- ex if you walk 2 miles at 5% incline you will get 4 miles for the contest
7-10% incline will be calculated at 3X the miles- ex if you walk 2miles at 8% incline you will get 6 miles for the contest
10% incline and higher will get 4X the miles- ex if you walk 2 miles at 10% incline you will get 8 miles for the contest
Any walking/running outdoors will be calculated mile for mile.
Step Mill and Elliptical Tracking:
All step mill use will be worth 3X the miles for the contest. Ex- if your total is 1.5 miles you will receive 4.5 for the contest.
All elliptical use of 50% incline or more will be 3X the mileage for the contest. Ex- if you 2 miles at 10% of max incline then you get 2 miles. If you do 2 miles at 50% or more of max incline you would get 4 miles.
Bicycle Tracking:
Bicycle riding will be mile for mile.
Participants will log their miles daily at the Fitness Desk.