March Mini - Clinics

Free Personal Training Clinics

Drop in and experience our Personal Training Team and learn new ways to improve your workouts for FREE. Register at the fitness desk if possible.
Keeping Up with the Grandkids | Thu., March 9 | 11:00am | Basketball Court | with Ryan        
Having trouble keeping up with your grandkids? Ryan will show you a few exercises to strengthen and mobilize your body so you can stay engaged with the little ones. 
Please Stand Up | Fri., March 17 | 9:00am | Basketball Court | with Dan                                     
Learn how to sit to stand properly in addition to basic exercises to improve lower body strength. 
The Missing Link | Fri., March 24 | 12:00pm | Basketball Court | with Marcela                                                           
Strength training is often the missing link to reaching your fitness goals. Learn the benefits of strength training and how to be “sexy strong.”