Personal Training

Train your best.

Personal training is the way to get the most from your acac membership. Our certified professionals are ready to guide and encourage you to achieve your goals. Are you new to exercise? A personal trainer can help you lose weight, safely start exercising for the first time, build body confidence, and improve your posture or balance. If you’re a more seasoned exerciser, a personal trainer can help you break a plateau, increase your strength, train for a race or event, increase your cardiovascular endurance, or recover from an injury.

We have trainers who specialize in working with:

Personal training is offered one-to-one, or in small groups of three to six.

Interested in personal training?

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Meet our personal training team:

Ann Burns

Audra Edmonds

Barrie Elford

Beth Howell

Caroline Stone

David Neal

Edward Ross-Clunis

Heather Bowman

Iffet Araniti-Davis

Isaac Pethtel

Jamie McGettigan

John Richardson

Jordan Frank

Joshua Stafford

Joshua Zeigler

Justina Abraham

Kimberly Hale

Lesley Sapta Yin

Leslie Guyer

Lindsey Eades

Lisa Sandvig

Michael White

Morgen Milcarek

Randy Kendall

Russell Moore

Russell Redmond

Sue Hulsebusch

Zachary Boland