West Chester Alert

The Activity Pool will be closed May 15-26 for cover removal. Please click here for more information about the closure.

We will run on an adjusted schedule for Memorial Day on Monday, May 29th.

BFFs in the Club

In honor of BFF month (aka the best month ever), we’re highlighting #acacBFFs who met at the club, work out together at the club, or just enjoy each other’s company at the club.

Meet Joe and Reed. Joe is a certified personal trainer at acac West Chester; Reed is a member at the club. These two pals met in June 2014 after Reed’s then-fiancé (now wife!) connected him with her trainer, Joe, to help her man reach his goals of increasing strength and building muscle mass. A friendship quickly blossomed between the two–as did Reed’s muscle percentage–and now they enjoy game nights together and more. Rumor has it rock climbing is next on their list of BFF activities!

IMG_9408     IMG_9411

The Pickleball crew has been making a racket–or racquet, if you will–at acac West Chester since October 2012. Their large group plays together three times a week (sometimes four, on First Fridays) but their friendship has grown outside of designated play time. You can often find the Pickleballers dining together in town or partaking in other forms of friendly competition with one another.

IMG_9422      IMG_9427

These pals at FourStone Partners are proof that the early bird gets the worm! This group not only works together in the office, but they work out together in the wee hours of the morning. Our FourStone friends joined the club earlier this summer through our corporate wellness program and cite the initiative as a huge benefit to their organization’s team mentality. They love sharing diet plans and workout tips with one another and are constantly on the search for new ways to compete and have fun together!

 IMG_1890      IMG_1889

Meet Megan and Diane. Megan is a certified health and fitness specialist who has been training her client, Diane, since December 2012. The two enjoy working out together on Mondays and partaking in witty banter, or as Diane says, fighting. They also enjoy paddle boarding and cite each other as their token dog watchers.

IMG_9461      IMG_9468


We’re closing out #acacBFF month with a story of friendship that is near and dear to our heart. Mary and Gina are both Group Ex instructors at acac West Chester and have known each other for years. They’ve motivated, challenged, and encouraged each other in both their fitness careers and personal lives. Gina is especially grateful to Mary for pushing Gina to complete her BODYCOMBAT® certification five years ago.


We hope you enjoyed #acacBFF month at the club! Remember that the First Friday of each month you can bring a guest for free.