West Chester Alert

The Activity Pool will be closed May 15-26 for cover removal. Please click here for more information about the closure.

We will run on an adjusted schedule for Memorial Day on Monday, May 29th.

FREE Qi Gong Class with Donna Dufoe

Qi Gong (chee gung): the healing moving meditation to create vitality and health
Qi – breath or energy; Gong – exercise or work

Qi Gong can be thought of as a fluid, flowing meditation. This method is similar to yoga and is the foundation of Tai Chi. Qi Gong uses deep, diaphragmatic breathing in conjunction with slow, synchronous movements to bring our body, mind, and spirit into alignment and balance. When we balance our energy, stress and blood pressure are reduced, the health of the immune system improves, and our overall mood changes.

Join Donna Dufoe to practice this movement of healing using the intense power of thought and intention. This meditation can be done standing, seated, or even lying down for those with mobility challenges. Please sign up in advance at Member Services.

Sunday, December 18th | 1 – 2:30pm | Yoga Studio