West Chester Alert

The Activity Pool will be closed May 15-26 for cover removal. Please click here for more information about the closure.

We will run on an adjusted schedule for Memorial Day on Monday, May 29th.

Upcoming Mind Body Events

We hope you can join us for one (or more!) of our upcoming Mind Body events this July.

Outdoor Yoga with Essential Oils
Monday, July 11th | 6:30pmĀ | Camp Pavilion
with Liz B. and Kristen S.

Join Kristen and Liz for an invigorating vinyasa class using essential oils to calm and center the mind. Liz will also perform thai massage throughout the class to increase circulation and improve relaxation. Please bring your own yoga mat. Members may bring a guest for free!

Meditation with Brian
Sundays July 17 – August 28 | 10:00am | Multi-Purpose Room
with Brian C.

Mindful meditation aids with stress reduction, anxiety relief, non-reactivity, self-acceptance, compassion, and inner peace.

During the month of July, Brian will share essential mindfulness tools and techniques from his “The Present Moment” meditation series; during the month of August, Brian will share his favorite guided meditations designed to promote healing, nurturing, and well-being from his “Remembering to Remember” series.

Celebrate the art of mindful meditation with Brian C. and the growing acac meditation community! Members may bring a guest for free.

Full Moon Meditation with Essential Oils
Monday, July 18th | 7:00pm | Camp Pavilion
with Liz B. and Brian C.

The full moon radiates a tremendous amount of energy. Whatever is going on in your body, mind, and spirit will be amplified so you must be in a calm state of mind to receive a positive effect.

Liz will begin the full moon practice with an introduction to using essential oils to calm and open receptivity to the moon’s energy through meditation; Brian will then lead a guided meditation inviting you to embrace and amplify positive energy in your life. Please bring your own mat and meditation pillow.

Rock Your Asana
Tuesday, July 19th | 7:45pm | Studio A
with Linda D. and Chris S.

Let go of your day and welcome this summer evening with an uplifting Vinyasa class set to fun rock music! Chris S. and Linda D. will instruct this special class. Members may bring a guest for free!

Restorative & Yin Yoga
Friday, July 29th | 6:45pm | Studio A
with Kristen S. and Judy C.

Restorative yoga is a meditative practice done on the floor with the use of bolsters, blankets, and blocks. The purpose is to fully support and relax the body so that the mind can also be still. Yin yoga is a very cooling practice in which all poses are done on the floor with longer holds. The purpose of yin yoga is to gently stretch the connective tissue in the body.

In this fusion class, we will practice some prop-supported yin poses and restorative poses. This practice will help decrease stress and improve immunity and relaxation. It is a treat you deserve!

Sign up in advance at Member Services; members may bring a guest for free!