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Some days it is extra tough to face your workout with enthusiasm. You know that small steps count and that slow and steady wins the race, but you are eager to reach your goal. Download a dose of inspiration!


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5 Ways to Stay Strong

(when you want to skip the gym)


Try something new. Bored with boot camp? Try flow yoga or deep water running. Anything to break you out of your typical routine.

Put together a killer playlist. Nothing gets you fired up like all your favorite tunes.

Treat yourself. Reward yourself for a hard workout with some healthy pampering–take a luxurious soak in the tub with candles and bath salts, get lost in a book, or splurge on a special spa service.

Share your plan with the world. And when we say world, we mean your world! By letting your friends and loved ones in on your goals, you not only flex your accountability muscles, you activate a network of supporters who will cheer you on.

Feed your soul. Read and listen to inspiring stories. Draw strength from the people around you and post motivational messages at home, at work … everywhere you look.

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A workout partner can motivate you and keep you on track!