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2017 Crazy 8's Challenge

Slimdown Crazy 8’s Challenge 2017

You’ll have two chances to slim down in our Crazy 8’s Challenge! 

What is Crazy 8’s?

Crazy 8’s is a fun 8 week challenge used to motivate our members who have weight loss goals.  This year, we are going to get “Two Times to Get Crazy” in 2017 and give members an opportunity to lose up to 16 pounds between January and May – Winter Crazy 8’s and Spring Crazy 8’s. 


When Does Winter Crazy 8’s start?

The first challenge begins Monday, January 16, 2017 and runs through Saturday, March 18, 2017.


How Does it Work?

To enter you pay $25.  If you lose a total of 8 pounds in 8 weeks you will get your $25 back.  If not, your money remains in the pot.  Those who are successful will divvy up the pot.  (In our last Crazy 8’s, winners doubled their money!)


What are the program guidelines?

You must weigh in once per calendar week – Sunday through Saturday. There is a $5 charge any week you do not weigh in.   The weeks you are unable to make a scheduled weigh-in you will have the option to do a “flexible weigh-in” – locate a Fitness Specialist in a green shirt and they can record your weekly weight.  (Exception: Starting and ending weight must be recorded at a scheduled weigh-in.)

Other than weighing in once a week, will I receive other support?   Yes! 

  1. Weekly newsletter providing nutrition and fitness tips.
  2. Option to attend Slimdown weekly meetings. See January calendar for meeting times.
  3. An option for a 30-minute coaching session with one of our Slimdown Coaches. For an additional $20 meet with a coach and receive a personalized goal setting session to set you up for success.
  4. Crazy 8 Workshops – experience small group personal training mini-clinics throughout the month of February at no additional cost.
  5. Group Ex class highlights –discover classes which provide a high calorie burn and have fun doing it.

How do I register?

Registration begins Monday, January 2nd, 2017. 


When is the final day to register?

The final day and to register is at the scheduled weigh-in on Monday, January 16th:

              Albemarle Square:  12:30-1:00pm

              Downtown:  5:00-5:30pm

              Crozet:  by 12:00pm


Questions:  Email Megan Klenk (Albemarle Square) or Lori Perdue (Downtown & Crozet), Slimdown Coordinators, at or


Albemarle Square: 434.978.3800 | Downtown: 434.984.3800 | Crozet: 434.817.2055