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5 Simple Movements for Success at the Gym and in Life

5 Simple Movement Patterns that are Essential for Success at the Gym and in Life
By Nick Lynch, Certified Personal Trainer

With any pursuit in life, practice makes perfect. Exercise is no exception. Regularly incorporating these simple movements into your routine is a surefire way to not only move well, but improve your overall proficiency in all things gym-related. On top of that, when performed regularly and with solid technique, these five movements offer a high degree of exercise balance that can greatly contribute to improved strength, fat-loss, and injury prevention.

The Squat
A fundamental lower-body movement, the squat intensely involves all of the muscles of your lower extremities, brings the core strongly into play, and is a great tool for fat loss.
goblet squat
Suggested Starting Point: The Goblet Squat
The Hip-Hinge
The more hip-dominant cousin to the Squat, the Hip-Hinge is a fantastic way to build strong glutes and hamstrings. Reinforcing movement at the hip versus movement at the lower back is also a wonderful strategy to avoid low-back pain.
Suggested Starting Point: The Kettlebell Deadlift
The Push/Press
Want nice arms and shoulders? Pushes and Presses heavily involve the triceps and deltoids–everything you need to get rid of the sleeves.
Floor Press
Suggested Starting Point: Dumbbell Floor Press
The Pull/Row
Everything that is perfect posture is encapsulated by the Row. A strong upper back and lats can keep you from drooping over your desk at work, help you stay more upright during long runs and even assist in creating long-term shoulder health.
Suggested Starting Point: The TRX Bodyweight Row
The Loaded Carry
Those of us who do not have a butler to haul our stuff around are at some point going to need to carry groceries, kids, furniture, luggage, or even a pet. The Loaded Carry reinforces trunk engagement during heavy lifting and promotes stability and body awareness while moving heavy things.
Suggested Starting Point: The Dumbbell Farmer’s Walk

Movement is a skill that needs to be practiced in order to be executed well. To make an appointment with a personal trainer at your club and start adding these tools to your repertoire, click below:

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