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The Downtown elevator is currently out of service. We apologize for the inconvenience and are working to have it up and running again as soon as possible.

acac Albemarle Square December Service Star - Edmund C.!

Albemarle Square December Service Star – Edmund Campbell!

“Edmund Campbell is a machine. If you need something done in a timely manner, he will guarantee that it is completed and with extreme detail. The people that know him well know that he is a huge feeler. He calls me once or twice a week in the evening to chat and make sure everything is going well for me. No matter the department, he wants to make sure they are able to do their jobs properly and will work all hours of the night to make sure they are running within 24 hours of an issue. He loves watching his kids grow in his Karate class. He is probably the most dependable, self-sufficient, detailed, and organized person I have ever worked with. He jokes about IT being the department of ‘Warm Fuzzies’ and says every complaint is an opportunity to make someone happy.”
– Matt Wade, IT Director – acac Fitness & Wellness Centers

“Congratulations to Edmund Campbell, the December Albemarle Square Service Star winner! Edmund works tirelessly day in and day out and can be found most Sundays at acac working to keep our IT needs up and running. While many team members may not recognize Edmund or see him on the floor, he is the first person we think of when something goes wrong with our computers. In addition to being an amazing IT guy, Edmund is also actively involved in the Karate and Kendo program at acac, holding a black belt and teaching participants of all levels.” – Kelly Kyriacopoulos, Albemarle Square p.r.e.p Director