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Cycle Classes: There will be no cycle classes at Albemarle Square Aug 27 – Sept 4 while we put the finishing touches on the NEW studio.  Members are FREE to visit EDGE at Stonefield for classes through August 31.

Albemarle Square Aquatics: Closed starting August 28. Click here for more information. 

acac Albemarle Square Service Star of the Month: Pam Finney

March 2017 Service Star of the Month

acac Albemarle Square: Pam Finney, P.R.E.P., Personal Training, Fitness, & Group Exercise

Pam Finney came to acac from Starbucks in 2016, bringing a wealth of experience that has quickly translated into success in P.R.E.P., Personal Training, Fitness, and most recently Group Exercise. Pam’s new class Strength for Life is an excellent addition to the group exercise program and is already drawing a crowd!

One of her clients said it best, “Pam’s positive attitude and energy is contagious along with her true belief in my ability to succeed.”

Join acac‘s Pam Finney in her NEW Group Exercise class Strength for Life!  The class is designed to train functional movement.  Strengthening the muscles improves mobility to help make activities of daily living more manageable, such as getting up and down off the floor and in-out of your car.

All are welcome!

Beginning March 8 | Wednesdays | 9:30-10:30am | Studio B | Albemarle Square

Email Pam at for details.


Congratulations Pam Finney!