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All acac Charlottesville locations will be running on a modified schedule on Wednesday, Nov. 21, Thursday, Nov. 22, and Friday, Nov. 23 for the Thanksgiving Holiday. Click here to see the full schedule.

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acac Charlottesville 2016 All-Team Service Award Winners

Congratulations to all of our 2016 All-Team Service Award winners who were recognized on Sunday, February 12 at a team event.

Service Stars for Albemarle Square
Alexander Foster
Amanda Hunt
Amanda Saccone
Amanda Weekly
Antje Waxman
Beth Cox
Beth Valorz
Brad Chaffee
Brittany Schalizki
Carolin McDonald
Carrie Dugan Brubaker
Diana Smith
Freddy Jackson
James Hunter
Jennie Whittaker
Jimmy Casella
Joe Schwar
John Armstrong
Julie Spence
Kathleen Fabio
Kelly Kyriacopoulos
Leanne Higgins
Linda Grooms
Marylinn Leong
Pam Finney
Rachel O’Neill
Shannon Johnson
Teresa Harris
Woods Bishop

Service Stars for Downtown
Adam George
Adrienne Young-Ramsey
Alex McGee
Alyssa Whitby
Amanda Fitzgerald
Ann Dunn
Ann Wolff
Anne Shapiro
Arlene Duncanson-Taylor
Blaise Spinelli
Blossom Dawes
Chris Collins
Chris Henry
Christine Bostic
Daniel Lombardo
Devon Manifold
Erin Mays
Gail Valentinesen
Gina Kelley
Heather Logan
Hope Henderson
Ian Ayers
James Gaston
Jess Norby (Dang)
Joe Horton
Katie Spangler
Keaton Rodland
Kelsie Floyd
Kirsten Ryan
Lauren Carroll
Levi Anderson
Linda Jackson
Lisa McRae
Lise Rowe
Lori Purdue
Maria Parry
Marla Cantor
Megan Brown
Megan T. Buschi
Nina Jackson
Pamela Burruss
Peter Pelny
Ralanta Thomas
Rebecca Brown
Rebecca Lehnert
Sabine Scholes
Sam Miller
Shannon Watson
Susan McCully
Tara Stanley
Tonya Brown
Ty Johnson

Service Stars for Crozet
Jonathan Dooley
Karen Melcher
Erin Farmer
Lou Fitzgerald
Kim Dillon
Carrie Schuler
Jeanmarie Badar
Vanessa Crawford

Linda Grooms Service Award
Nominees: Joe Horton, Kelly Kyriacopoulos, Arlene Duncanson-Taylor, Paul Kyriacopoulos, Peter Pelny, Brad Chaffee, and Chris Perkins
Winners: Joe Horton and Kelly Kyriacopoulos

Spirit of Team Award
Nominees: Erika Thompson, Dawn Hance and Lindsay Lopez, Kelly Kyriacopoulos, Maurice Clark, Meg Welch, and Amanda Fitzgerald
Winners: Erika Thompson and Meg Welch

Stretching Above & Beyond PT@acac
Nominees: Amber Myers, Christine Dean, Kailee Karst, Mark Caplinger, Carmen Keithley, and Jacob Tyson
Winners: Christine Dean and Mark Caplinger

Live Your Best Award
Nominees: Lori Perdue, Shannon Watson, Vanessa Crawford, Kris Bonham, Freddy Jackson, Megan Buschi, and Lise Rowe
Winners: Megan Buschi and Vanessa Crawford

Lifelong Learning Award
Nominees: Lise Rowe, Rachel O’Neill, Leigh McCready, Laura Leflar, and Brooke Albert
Winners: Leigh McCready and Laura Leflar

Leadership Award
Nominees: Kelsie Floyd, Maria Parry, Whitney Martin, Rob Whittaker, Becky Butler, and Tina Thompson
Winners: Rob Whittaker and Tina Thompson

Outstanding Sales Award
Nominees: Monique Scholes Bruce, Adam Goerge and Nicole Goerge, Joe Schwar, Kathryn Stephenson, and Dawn Hance and Lindsay Lopez
Winners: Adam Goerge and Nicole Goerge & Dawn Hance and Lindsay Lopez

Ready Fire Aim
Nominees: Chris Collins for “Afterburn: and the Crozet Team at the Lodge at Old Trail for “Large Group Training”
Winner: Chris Collins for “Afterburn”