acac Downtown Client of the Month: Kala Rorabaugh

Kala’s Story

“About 5 months ago I was tagged in a picture on Facebook, but when I looked at the picture I didn’t recognize the person tagged with my name. She looked overweight and unhappy. That’s when I decided it was time to change. A friend took me to a cycle class at acac and I immediately met with a membership coordinator to set up my own membership and a few training sessions. I met Ayal and I knew that he would be the key to my success. He treated me like a friend and didn’t make me feel guilty for allowing my weight to get out of control. He has been incredibly supportive, even more so than some of my friends and family. Ayal has kept me inspired and motivated to continue my fitness journey and has introduced me to a healthier lifestyle. Since meeting him I’ve lost 36 pounds and I’ve gained self-confidence, increased strength, and a new friend.”

Kala acac Personal Training Client of the Month 1
Kala acac Personal Training Client of the Month 2

Ayal Amar


Training Emphasis:  

• Improving core strength and stability

• Weight loss programs

• High Intensity Intervals for endurance training

• Improving functional movements

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