Albemarle Square Service Stars of the Month: Tara W. & Amber H.!

Albemarle Square Service Stars of the Month: Tara Wheeler & Amber Davis-Herman!

These ladies were chosen as our Service Stars for bringing Dance Fusion to our group exercise program and for the extraordinary service they provide our members.  

Our Dance Fusion classes are busting at the seams with attendance and Tara and Amber are now mentoring others to teach the format.

Chris Henry, our Group Ex Director, said it best – “They’re aces! Tara created the program, brought Amber on board now they are building it beyond just a class. Members are asking for more and they love the great service these two ladies provide our members”.

Tara and Amber will both receive a $20 gift card, a gold service star for their name tag, and the RESERVED parking spot behind the building!  

Congratulations to them both!