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Beginning Monday, July 8, The acac Downtown Mind Body Studio C will be closed for HVAC renovations. Please check online for the updated Group Exercise and Mind Body schedules.

Aquatic Therapy: exclusively at PT@acac in Charlottesville

Why Aquatic Therapy works – even when other forms of therapy may not

With some injuries or conditions, the simple fact that we live in a world where we contend with gravity makes successful treatment and pain relief difficult to achieve. The buoyancy of water – and in particular, warm salinated water – introduces a wide variety of treatment options.

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When choosing a place to pursue a course of treatment, you may wonder: Is there anywhere I can try aquatic therapy?

In the Charlottesville area, Physical Therapy at acac is the only clinic that can offer you this option.


What conditions can be treated with aquatic physical therapy?


acac Fitness & Wellness has two warm-water aquatic therapy facilities in Charlottesville

Facilities for aquatic therapy at acac Albemarle Square and acac Downtown include:

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