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Renovations Coming to acac Albemarle Square Locker Rooms

acac is proudly celebrating our 20th anniversary at our Albemarle Square location. Since opening in 1998, we have reinvested well over $5 million in facility and equipment upgrades.
We are excited to announce our next reinvestment project: a complete renovation of the men’s and women’s locker rooms, beginning late September 2018! 

We recognize that there will be some inconveniences to our members during this time. We appreciate your patience while we make this much needed upgrade. We can’t wait to show you the new space this winter! 

Improvements include: 

. . . 

Announcements & Notes

FAQ: Have questions about the locker room renovations? You can find answers to some of the most commonly asked questions here.

Week of 10/1 Update: We are two weeks into the locker room renovations and everything is going well! The majority of the demolition work is complete.  Next week will see the start of masonry, concrete cutting and plumbing work.  Stay updated by checking here or the TVs in the lobby.  Thank you again for your patience as we work hard to make these club upgrades!

Week of 10/8 Update: Our locker room renovation project is progressing nicely! Major demolition is complete and we have started building some of the new features. Concrete was cut for the future steam rooms and masonry work on the extended shower stalls started this week as well. We are excited for what’s to come!

Week of 10/15 Update: Masonry work continues this week in the locker rooms. We are starting to see some of the new features in the shower areas. The new built-in benches are taking shape in the women’s room. The slabs are being prepared for new concrete in the steam rooms. Early preparation for ceramic tile work is starting as well. Very exciting!

Week of 10/22 Update: Work continues at Albemarle Square in the locker rooms. The saunas are starting to be rebuilt. The concrete for the steam rooms has been poured back and masonry work on their walls is in motion. The showers are taking shape with final preparations for ceramic tile taking place.  The first new tiles will be placed at some point next week so stay tuned for those pictures!  

Week of 10/29 Update: The last week has been full of great progress  on the locker rooms. Wall tile is being installed in the showers as we speak! The steam room masonry is almost finished.  Locker bases are being installed as well. We can’t wait to show you the new spaces!

Week of 11/5 Update: It was a busy week at Albemarle Square! Lockers in both the men’s and women’s rooms began arriving on Monday and are being set in place as we speak. Tile work continues in the shower areas. Work also is still in progress in the new steam rooms and saunas.

Week of 11/12 Update: Another exciting week of progress in the locker rooms! Tile work is continuing beautifully as you can see from the pictures. Ceilings are being placed in the showers in the men’s and wall tile is continuing in the women’s. The locker installation is nearly complete in both areas. Steam room components and sauna equipment are arriving as we speak!  Stay tuned for more!

Week of 11/26 Update: Work continues in the locker rooms with the major focus over the past week on tile work. There are finished floors and ceilings in almost all of the showers!  This will continue over the coming week. We will start to see the wood installation in the saunas by the end of next week. Millwork is being installed as we speak also.  There is still a lot of work to be done but we are really starting to see the finished product in some areas!

Week of 12/3 Update: Last week saw tremendous progress on ceramic tile. Almost all the floor tile is complete in the shower, sauna and steam areas. Wood trim and sauna equipment will be installed starting next week. Millwork is being installed in the Women’s locker room. 

Week of 12/10 Update: The work continues in the locker rooms! Tile grouting in the shower areas is almost complete. There is a lot of it so it takes some time and really looks great! Floor tile is being placed in the main section of each room. The women’s is in place and the men’s is going down now. Finish wood is being installed in the saunas as well.  The steam room benches are nearing completion.  Next week will see all of the ceiling grid complete. Painting will start late next also.  Look for more updates next week!

Week of 12/17 Update: It’s beginning to look a lot like a locker room! Lights are on in the main area of the Women’s locker room and it is full of warmth and cheer. Tile work around the sink vanity areas began yesterday which will lead to counter tops, sinks, etc. very soon. The saunas in both areas are nearly complete. The wood paneling and benches are beautiful! We are getting closer and closer!  Happy Holidays!

Week of 12/31 Update: Happy New Year from the Locker Room project! So much has happened since before Christmas. We are getting really close to opening up the locker and shower areas! We now have light fixtures installed in both areas that really brighten up the spaces. The sinks are being installed, mirrors will arrive soon and the carpet will be installed next week. Check back next week for more pictures and an update on the opening dates for both spaces!

Week of 1/7 Update: We are almost ready to welcome you back to the locker rooms at Albemarle Square! It is so close to being finished and we are very excited to show you the finished product! The saunas and steam rooms were started up yesterday. Shower doors are being installed as we speak. Carpet is being placed in the men’s locker room today. Final tile installations will wrap up by Monday inside the rooms. If everything stays on track we will be ready to open back up by the end of next week! Stay tuned for more details.  This is exciting!

Friday 1/11/19 Update: GREAT NEWS! Phase 1 of our locker room renovations is scheduled to be completed by next Saturday, January 19. You will once again have use of the showers, lockers and changing areas … hooray!

After Phase 1 finishes, we will begin work on Phase 2 of renovations (updating toilets/vanities) which will begin on Tuesday, Jan. 22. We will first shut down the women’s toilet/vanity area, re-directing women to the family changing rooms to use the restroom. Full men’s facilities will be available during this time. Then we will re-open the women’s room in entirety, and shut down the men’s toilet/vanity area, re-directing men to the family changing rooms to use the restroom.

Stay in touch with weekly progress by visiting our Facebook page.  We can’t wait to show you the new spaces!

Week of 1/21 Update: We hope you are enjoying the new locker rooms! Work is progressing nicely on the women’s restrooms. All of the demolition is complete and the new floor tile was installed Thursday! Wall tile will start on Monday.  Check back next week for an update on when this space will open back up!

Week of 1/28 Update: We are almost finished with the Women’s restroom area! Thank you so much for your patience! We are planning to open this space by Thursday, February 7. The Men’s restroom area will start on Monday, February 11.

Week of 2/4 Update: We are excited to report that the Women’s Locker Room Toilet Area will open today, Wednesday, February 6, at 6:00pm. Phase 2 of the renovations will continue with work on the Men’s Toilet Area starting Monday, February 11. Men will use the Family Changing Restrooms during this phase.