Charlottesville Alert

Locker Room Renovation Update – The Albemarle Square locker rooms will re-open for use beginning Saturday, Jan. 19! Lockers and showers are accessible through the Aquatics Center only. Phase 2 of locker room renovations will begin on Tuesday, January 22. Enjoy the new space!

August 2016 Client of the Month

Kourtney’s Story

“I joined acac in February and started training with Kelsie Floyd. I have loved every second of it! Even when I’m complaining or when I think I can’t do the next set or rep, she’s pushed me, helped me believe in myself, and made me so much stronger than I ever thought I could be! She’s giving me confidence, taught me so many things, and to not worry about numbers so much. Kelsie also introduced me to the world of Olympic style lifting! Now, I look forward to working out and have even set a goal to run a half marathon in the Fall! Needless to say, I wouldn’t have met any of my goals without the best trainer! Kelsie – I can’t thank you enough!”

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