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Balance: Use it or lose it!

by acac Personal Trainer Casey Mack

Many of us assume we have great balance … but have you ever tried standing on one foot while doing a routine task? For example, try standing on one foot while you brush your teeth. Halfway through, switch to your other foot. Was it easy? Or did you just do a lousy job of brushing your teeth because you rushed through so you wouldn’t fall before you were finished?

BALANCE IS SO IMPORTANT. And it is important at all stages of life. It can help you bend over to pick something up without falling, step up on the curb without tripping, or score the winning touchdown in your high school football game.

The bad news is that as we age, our balance tends to worsen due to a number of different factors. Some of these factors include certain diseases/disorders, prescription medications, loss of muscle strength, and inner ear changes.

The good news is that we can stop, and even reverse, that decline just by practicing balance and doing balance exercises in our everyday life! Here are some things you can do to practice balance at home or in the gym:

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