Charlottesville Alert

Update 9/19/19: The acac Downtown parking deck will no longer be closed this weekend, Saturday 9/21 – Sunday 9/22. The traffic pattern will remain the same. Please visit our website for valet parking details and more information.

Update 9/17/19: The warm water pool heater at acac Albemarle Square is broken and parts are delayed. The heater should be fixed by next Thursday, September 26. A temporary solution is in place to increase the pool temperature until this is resolved. We apologize for the inconvenience. 

Benefits of changing up your workout

“Do you feel you have become bored and have ‘plateaued out’ doing your ‘same ol’ workout? Yes, it is time to add a new set of exercises so you can alternate and mix up your workouts to the benefit of your mind as well as your body!

It is a fact that your muscles rapidly become used to your repetition of the same exercises every time you work out; the gain you expect does not occur with a consistently repeated workout! For success in strength development, endurance, range of motion, and the feeling of a more unified body, it is ESSENTIAL to vary your exercises from one workout to the next.

Do you feel your cardio improvement is isolated from strength training? Why not combine them in a ‘circuit’ program? Why not work on balance and cardio training during the same work out where you are also doing strength-building? The simplest way is to develop a circuit training and plyometric workout (fast bursts of movement) to alternate with a more traditional strength training program. It will really pay off in five or six weeks! Regardless of your age you should investigate this approach to your workouts.

Talk with a Personal Trainer who can set you up with two programs that will really complement each other. It will only take one or two sessions to provide you with a number of exercises that will challenge your heart and muscles whenever your work out.”