Charlottesville Alert

3/21/19: Due to Charlottesville City School closures, there will be a Kids Day Off on Friday, March 22 from 8:00am-5:30pm. Click here for more information. 

Client of the Month: Katherine Peck

Katherine’s Story

“5:00am: The alarm goes off. Ugh! I want to sleep but my Stephanie, my trainer, is waiting for me. Off I go. ‘Maybe Stephanie will be easy on me,’ I think. I set off for acac. 5:30am: The training starts. I count the minutes until it is over. Stephanie directs and pushes me. Slowly, I start feeling strong and energetic. Stephanie asks for 12 reps – I think I can do fifteen. Suddenly, the session is over. I feel great! Stephanie varies the workout and keeps increasing the intensity so it is engaging. I would not be able to do this workout on my own. Since working with Stephanie, my lower back no longer hurts, even if I am gardening, and I am more flexible. I guess I can get up at 5:00am one more time.”

Katherine’s Trainer – Stephanie Tanner

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