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Egoscue Method explained

As the Egoscue Method is becoming more popular and recommended, you might be wondering…
What is Egoscue?
How can I benefit? 
How does it work?

acac Instructor Antje Waxman explains it for us… 

What is the Egoscue Method and how can one benefit from it?

In 1971, Pete Egoscue decided to start what he called the Egoscue Method® as a way to help people restore their bodies back to the way they were designed to relieve back, shoulder, neck, hip, knee, ankle, foot and other pain. Egoscue addresses the entire body and has a 95% success rate in relieving tension and pain in the body. The aim of the Egoscue Method is to eliminate the imbalances and deviations of the body. It is a process designed to help you REDISCOVER, RESTORE and RETURN your body to its original pain-free Blueprint Design.


Discover and heal the root of Chronic Pain.

A healthy, functional, and pain-free body comes from proper alignment, joint position and function. The body is in alignment when all load-bearing joints (ankles, knees, hips, shoulders) line up horizontally and vertically in a 90 degree angle. When the body is in alignment, there is no pain because the correct muscles are moving the correct bones to their correct position.

Dysfunction and compensation The bones of the human skeleton are supported, held and moved by muscles. When some of these muscles are overburdened while others are idle, neither are performing as they are designed. Any deviation from the Blueprint Anatomical Design will lead to dysfunction, compensation and eventually pain in the body and muscular imbalance. Muscular imbalances cause wear, tear and joint degeneration at any age. The Egoscue Method helps to re-educate the body to return to normal alignment and function. It is a unique and effective program designed to treat musculoskeletal pain without drugs or surgery.

Corrective Exercises and Gentle Stretches – The Egoscue Method is a Postural Therapy program that involves a series of individually tailored exercises and gentle stretches put in a certain order for each individual to help overcome lack of function and/or pain. For example, six people could be in the same room all with the same pain, but looking at each person it becomes apparent that the compensations are not the same.

These simple but profound corrective exercises address the underlying root cause of your pain rather than merely treating your symptoms. To accomplish this, it is important to consistently implement new stimulus (movement and action) to the body on a daily basis to change muscle memory.


How does the Egoscue Therapy Work? 

Pictures are taken of the front, back, and both sides of the body at the beginning of each session. This helps demonstrate to my client and me where the joint position is and whether the muscles are working or not.

Through functional movement tests, observation of gait movement and intake of health history, a specific set of exercises (called a menu) are put together to help unwind the person out of the compensations and dysfunctions that have built up over time.

Each menu is designed to help re-educate the nervous system and the muscles. Each consecutive menu will continue to straighten and strength the individual.

The number of sessions depends on the individual needs. Usually my clients need two to six, sometimes eight sessions.

acac Member Arlene experienced visible improvement with Egoscue:

Arlene before and after Egoscue classes
Arlene before and after Egoscue classes


Antje’s Mission:

Antje Waxman, Certified Postural Alignment Specialist, PAS, by Egoscue University,