Charlottesville Alert

On Thursday, April 25 & Friday, April 26, the front, outdoor railings at acac Albemarle Square will be re-painted. Please proceed with caution. If you need assistance, do not hesitate to ask a team member. 

FREE "Be Your Own Hero" Workshop with Trident Shield

If violence threatens your family, will you be prepared?

We all would like to think it can’t happen to us, but the unfortunate reality is that violence does happen. As recent events have shown, there are often red flags that predict violent acts. Our training teaches you how to cultivate awareness, and to how to recognize the signs of potential violence. And, in case a violent event does occur, we teach you how to respond effectively. Please join us, and learn how to keep your loved ones safe, whether at home, at work, in church, or at school.

date: Sunday, April 15
time: 4:30-6:30pm
location: acac Albemarle Square
cost: FREE and open to the community
Age 16 and up recommended

Pre-registration required.
To register, visit or email

Download a flyer for the event.

. . . . . . .

• Mindset and skills
• Situational awareness
• Active planning
• How to champion Active Assailant training in your community, church, workplace, or school

• Effective, basic self-defense techniques
• Room barricading
• Disabling a firearm
• Improvised weapons
• What to do when Law Enforcement arrives