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acac Charlottesville clubs remain closed until further notice, however we are excited to announce that select outdoor amenities – including outdoor lap swimming, outdoor group exercise classes, outdoor tennis, the outdoor cafe and full-time childcare programs for working families are now available for members, with proper social distancing protocol. Click here for more information.

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Stay connected to acac from the comfort of your home with our lineup of live streaming classes from your favorite group exercise instructors and trainers! Learn more and sign up here.

FREE Spring Workshop Series: May 2017

Join some of the Personal Training staff at acac Albemarle Square for their FREE Spring Workshop Series: May 2017!

Sunrise Circuit
Amanda S
Total Body
for Teens
Leanne H
CARDio Junkies
Hina N
(2nd Saturday
of every month)
BeYOUtiful You
Pam, Ellen, & Shannon
Green Thumbs
Dana M
Middle School
Leanne H
Nordic Walking
(only May 8)
Antje W

(only May 3)
Antje W

Jared R
Mark C


CARDio Junkies
Hina N
Workout of
the Week
Jared R 

Class Descriptions:

Green Thumbs with Dana Mook
Join acac Albemarle Square Personal Trainer and Group Exercise Instructor, Dana Mook, for a workout targeted specifically for gardeners. Strengthen your body with functional movements
designed to make gardening easier and more enjoyable, and get to know fellow green thumbs! All levels welcome. Join the fun during any part of the 45-minute session. 
Questions? Email Dana at

Nordic Walking with Antje Waxman
Nordic Walking has been very popular in Europe for the past 15 years.  It is a whole body workout that uses 90% of the muscle groups and burns 40% more calories compared to walking.  It is an
excellent cardiovascular workout, gentle for joints, and improves posture.  Join Antje for a free introductory class on Monday, May 8 at 11:00am at Pen Park (meet near parking lot close to the Golf Club House).  Poles are provided.  Please sign-up with Antje, as poles and space are limited.
Questions? Email Antje at

Sunrise Circuit with Amanda Saccone
Join acac Albemarle Square Personal Trainer and Group Exercise Instructor Amanda Saccone for a one hour session every Wednesday in April for a Sunrise Circuit!  This is a come-and-go as you please workout!  Join the fun for any part of the hour to get a total body workout. 
Questions? Email Amanda at

CARDio Junkies with Hina Naeem
Join acac Albemarle Square Personal Trainer Hina Naeem for a one hour session every Friday in April (beginning April 7) using a deck of cards for a fun and energizing cardiovascular workout on the fly! Cardio your way through a full deck of cards for either 30 minutes or a full 60 minutes.  Equipment used includes: gliding discs, box steps, agility ladder, and more.  Get that cardio in no matter what…you’ll be a CARDio Junkie in no time!  Join us at any point within the hour session.
Questions? Email Hina at

Workout of the Week with Jared Rohrer
Join acac Albemarle Square Personal Trainer Jared Rohrer for a 30-minute shake up to your regularly scheduled workout!  Each week we will focus on different workout styles or games designed for maximum sweat and fitness!
Questions? Email Jared at

beYOUtiful you with Pam Finney, Ellen Berry, & Shannon Johnson
Join acac’s Pam Finney, Ellen Berry, and Shannon Johnson, in their monthly small group discussion: beYOUtiful you!  Attend monthly to help build secure and lasting relationships that make you live your best self!  These discussions are designed to teach you how to be proud of your body image.  
-Second Saturday of every month
Questions? Email Pam at

Explore with Mark Cagley and Jared Rohrer
Feeling stuck in your cardio routine?  Unsure how to evolve beyond the P.R.E.P. machines?  Wondering what goes on down there with those crazy barbells?  Come EXPLORE the etiquette, equipment, and procedures for a variety of different areas of the club.  Gain confidence expanding your exercise experiences and finding new and fun ways to maximize your gym benefits and the time devoted to your health.  Enjoy a walking tour, some hands-on activities, and questions/answers from a personal trainer.  Take your next step!
Questions? Email Mark at or Jared at

Total Body Training for Teens with Leanne Higgins
Safe, effective body weight exercises for novice and experienced teens, and the energy of a small group powering through together-this class has it all!  This 45-minute session will provide total body functional training for novice through experienced exercisers.  Your body weight and a good attitude is all you need to create a total body workout that is exhausting and fun all in one.  Best yet, it’s FREE!
Questions? Email Leanne at 

Middle School Madness with Leanne Higgins
Designed for youth ages 10-12 who want to learn how to create functional and balanced workouts that are fun!  These sessions will provide safe, effective, and functional body weight exercises that will lead to a lifetime love of fitness.
Questions? Email Leanne at

Smovey: swing, move, & smile! with Antje Waxman
Smovey is a swinging-ring system from Austria.  Smovey provides a dynamic upper and lower body workout that gets you fit while stabilizing your back and spine.  It cannot only help you improve your health, balance, posture, coordination, mobility, and strength, but you will also absorb the healing frequencies from the Smovey through your reflexology zones of your hands.  Smovey are rings with four metal balls inside corrugated tubes (a little over a pound) that create a vibration to the palms of the hand.  Smovey is also beneficial for people with neurological disorders such as Parkinson’s D. and MS.
Questions? Email Antje at

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