Charlottesville Alert

– The Waterpark will close at 3:00pm on Wednesday, June 20 for a home swim meet. Go Dolphins!

– Water service will be turned off from 10:00-11:00am on Thursday, June 21 at Albemarle Square. Pools at Alb. Square will be closed from 10:00am-2:00pm.

– Attention Downtown Members: The North Parking Lot’s exterior wall will be painted from June 25-July 2. During that week, 10 parking spots will be CLOSED each day.

Grip Strength Testing at Albemarle Square

Join Pam Finney and the p.r.e.p. team at Albemarle Square for Grip Strength Testing on March 1!

date: Thursday, March 1
time: 11:30am-1:00pm
location: Albemarle Square | Healthquest Area
cost: FREE for members

Our p.r.e.p. team will be testing each persons grip strength, with a comparison between left and right sides. They will show people how they compare to others of their age group, and offer suggested exercises to improve grip strength when needed.

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More about Grip Strength

Grip strength is a general term…referring to the muscular power and force that [someone] can generate with their hands.”

A Dyamometer (see picture below) is the tool typically used to measure grip strength. Equipped with high precision strain gauge sensor, the hand dynamometer gives you accurate momentary digital reading of gripping power.

dyamometer - grip strength

Questions? Email Pam at

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Learn more about our Physician Referred Exercise Program (p.r.e.p.)