Charlottesville Alert

The acac Downtown parking deck will be closed this weekend, Saturday 9/21 – Sunday 9/22. Please visit our website for valet parking details and more information.

Phase III of the acac Downtown parking deck maintenance begins Monday, September 16 with a new traffic pattern. Please check our facebook page for the latest updates. 

Update 9/17/19: The warm water pool heater at acac Albemarle Square is broken and parts are delayed. The heater should be fixed by next Thursday, September 26. A temporary solution is in place to increase the pool temperature until this is resolved. We apologize for the inconvenience. 

Not sure where to start? Give group training a try!

In case you weren’t sold on the benefits of a workout buddy (or buddies), acac Midlothian Director of Personal Training, Mark Reinke, is here to fix that. In this article, Mark shares some of the feedback he hears from small group training clients and his perspective on why training in a group atmosphere is a great addition to anyone’s regimen.

I thought I’d be too out of shape to participate, but then I realized that there were people of all ages and fitness levels in the group.
We often hear members say, “I need to get in shape before I come to that class”. This assumption is challenged once a member decides to try one of our group training sessions. The sessions are designed and coached in a way that meets participants where they are. Your trainer will provide instruction to challenge each participant in the safest possible manner with maximum effectiveness for achieving fitness. The workout will challenge each person appropriately, regardless of their current fitness level. This means that everyone will be working just as hard, but at their own capacity. We achieve this by altering loads (weights used), rest periods, and exercise variations. Additionally, STARTING your fitness journey with guidance and coaching is THE BEST way to ensure that you get moving in the right direction from the start.
I just work harder when there are people around me pushing themselves.
We as trainers and coaches consistently observe this to be true. We see this in a number of different ways:
I am committed to showing up because I don’t want to let the group down.
Quite possibly, the best part of group training is the sense of the community that grows out of consistent workouts together. It’s never easy to get out the door on a Saturday morning to hit a great workout instead of hitting the snooze button. But when there are a group of familiar faces doing it too, there’s a little part of us that says, “I better get there because I do not want to let them down!” Trainers love seeing participants return each week because they can consistently build skills and fitness in a compounding manner. The trainers use what they learned about each member last week to help them even more the next week.  This truly makes group accountability a “win-win”!
I look forward to the 10 minutes at the end of the session when we’re all cooling down and feeling invigorated from the workout.
I’ve got to admit, this is my favorite comment about training with others. I LOVE seeing the range of emotions from intensity to relaxation to joy. The earnest effort and pride in achievement that shows on our members’ faces is powerful to see. Hearing that we’ve completed the workout creates an instantaneous shift to a look of relief, followed by smiles and laughter. The last 10 minutes or so, as we’re all stretching or foam rolling, is filled with side conversations about upcoming fun, the past weekend’s adventures, a new addition to the family, etc. There is no doubt that this camaraderie is one of the greatest parts of training with a team.
Whether you choose to work out with a buddy, a training group, or a handful of friends, we love seeing you with your acacBFF and know you’ll love it too!