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It’s The Position, Not the Condition

Plantar Fasciitis, Chondromalacia Patella, Snapping Hip Syndrome, and Tennis Elbow. Distal Neuropathy, Sciatica, and Trigger Finger. Varicose veins and migraine headaches. Indigestion.

Would it surprise you to know that these wide-ranging health conditions (and many more) might be alleviated with the same prescription?

That prescription is postural correction. Each of these maladies can arise when our modern lifestyle (too much sitting and too little moving) pulls our bodies into dysfunctional positions. We end up with joints restricted by muscle imbalance, tissues that dry up for lack of movement, organs squeezed by our slouching bodies, impeded circulation that creates exhaustion, and nerves painfully pinched between twisted tissues and colliding bones.

Though postural correction is absolutely not always the answer, it is a process that is surgery-free, medicine-free, and self-administered, requiring no hands-on therapist like a chiropractor. Postural correction restores health through motion. The process of change happens as you perform a daily corrective routine that guides your body back toward design posture and healthy body systems.

Before undergoing more invasive, expensive procedures, postural correction might be worth a try. See for yourself if “it’s the position, not the condition”.

For more information about The Egoscue Method (a form of postural corrective therapy), contact Kat Draego via email at or via text/phone at 434 806-1186.