Charlottesville Alert

All acac Charlottesville locations will be running on a modified schedule on Wednesday, Nov. 21, Thursday, Nov. 22, and Friday, Nov. 23 for the Thanksgiving Holiday. Click here to see the full schedule.

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June Client of the Month: Trudy Hall

Trudy’s Story

“’You want me to do what??’ I say that at least once and often more during my sessions with Stephanie. She is doing exactly what I need but don’t’ have the determination and discipline to do myself: she takes me out of my comfort zone—in precisely the right ways– during my workout. I have always been someone who knew it was critical to be proactive about exercise, but over the years it has become easier and easier to simply “do” the exercise, without thinking about the exercise. With Stephanie, posture matters, position matters, form matters. No surprise then: the results are better. I am learning new ways to use equipment and different exercises to target reluctant muscles and get them in the game. Along the way, Stephanie always checks to ensure that I feel the exercises stretching and testing the zones for which they are designed. My workouts with Stephanie are not about how many repetitions I can do, by how many repetitions I can do well. While she might have me working some muscle groups to exhaustion in a given session, she never sets me up for failure, just for growth. At the end of each session, I can guarantee four things: all my muscle groups will be firing; I will feel stronger and more confident; I will have learned something new and I will have a smile on my face. Stephanie’s style is precisely right for me: she is in equal amounts the authoritative drill sergeant, the enthusiastic cheerleader, the knowledgeable teacher, the well-organized coach. And what is not to love about her phenomenal accent?”