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Locker Room Renovation Update – The Albemarle Square locker rooms will re-open for use beginning Saturday, Jan. 19! Lockers and showers are accessible through the Aquatics Center only. Phase 2 of locker room renovations will begin on Tuesday, January 22. Enjoy the new space!

Kettlebell Lifting Competition Downtown

Kettlebell Lifting Competition Downtown

Aquia Kettlebell Training,AKT, is holding a regional BOLT kettlebell lifting competition event at acac Downtown!

BOLT is an endurance kettlebell lifting sport. The goal is to lift as many kilograms as possible within the competition time. The participant can choose to compete in one or more lifts during a meet. At the end of the competition the athlete places according to how she/he scored in comparison to the other participants of the same age and weight category. Bolt athletes can rank only at an official IKLF Bolt meet.

DATE: Saturday, September 12

TIME: Weigh-in: 11:30am, Rules: 12:30pm, Lifting: 1:00pm

Registration is required and can be done on the event Facebook page: