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Kids and Concussions: Protect Your Child

An ImPACT® Baseline Neurocognitive Assessment for your child can be a true game changer if she or he sustains a concussion.

Whether or not your children play an organized team sport, they may be at risk for sustaining a concussion. Activities on a typical playground, in swimming pools, on bikes, and on trampolines all have potential for falls and collisions that may result in concussions.

We know the benefits of safe, physical activity and participation in sports, and we do our best to minimize the risk of injury – but sometimes, no matter how careful we are, accidents happen. A baseline assessment, such as the ImPACT® pre-assessment, provides an important diagnostic tool for parents and physicians in the event that a child sustains a head injury. While this assessment is strongly recommended for children who participate regularly in activities with a high concussion risk, it can be of great benefit for any child. Regardless of whether a concussion occurs on the playing field or at recess, returning to activity too soon can prolong a child’s symptoms and may put him or her at higher risk for another, more significant injury.

Locally, Physical Therapy@acac is an exclusive provider of the nationally-recognized and physician-endorsed ImPACT® concussion pre-assessments and testing. acac Fitness & Wellness members have a special opportunity to take advantage of discounts on ImPACT® testing.

ImPACT® concussion pre-assessments screenings include:

$40 acac Fitness & Wellness members

$45 non-members


take place at Physical Therapy@acac, Albemarle Square Clinic, 504 Albemarle Square

Upcoming assessment dates: July 18 & August 15


For ages 10 & up, Sessions run 12:00-2:00pm. For your appointment contact