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low back pain exercises

Personal Trainer Casey Mack shares a few exercises to help alleviate lower back pain…

“In honor of Father’s day and my dad’s birthday, I wanted to share a piece of information I shared with him a few weeks ago. My dad has suffered from chronic low back pain since a football injury he sustained in college. He was fortunate enough to have a coach recommend that he do ‘core exercises’ in order to decrease the pain, so ever since I can remember he has done his nightly crunches, v-sits, and side-lying leg raises. However, despite his nightly work, the pain has been persistent and even worse than usual. A few weeks ago when my dad came up to visit Charlottesville I suggested that he add a few easy glute-strengthening exercises to his at home routine.

The two we added are below. The photos should help you get set up to try at home. If you ever have any questions or don’t feel like you’re doing them correctly, please don’t hesitate to grab a Fitness Specialist at acac to ask for advice!

Clamshells (three sets of 12 on each leg)

Clamshell Exercise

Donkey kicks (three sets of 12 on each leg)

Donkey Kick

There has been quite a bit of convincing research conducted over the past few years suggesting that a lack of glute strength may contribute to low back pain. So in the case of my dad (and maybe even some of you) my hope is that adding a few easy, do-at-home glute strengthening exercises can help alleviate chronic low back pain.”

-Casey Mack