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All acac Charlottesville locations will be running on a modified schedule on Wednesday, Nov. 21, Thursday, Nov. 22 (Thanksgiving Day), and Friday, Nov. 23 for the Thanksgiving Holiday. Click here for the full schedule. As a reminder, acac Pantops and acac Crozet are accessible 24/7 with a valid acac scan tag.

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MyZone® heart rate monitoring system

acac Charlottesville

Information is power when it comes to getting better results.

What is MyZone® & who can use it?
MyZone® accurately and conveniently gives you real time feedback using heart rate data so you can track progress and accomplish your goals. A MyZone® belt is worn around the chest during exercise to measure the capacity at which the heart is working. It is equally effective for those who regularly exercise as it is for those who are new or returning to exercise as it measures the individual’s capacity at which their heart is working.

How does it work?
The MyZone® belt wirelessly uploads all data when the wearer walks up to the MyZone® kiosk(s) located in the following areas:

The belt can store up to 16 hours of data from exercise performed inside and outside the club! The MyZone® website allows you to track your progress, compete against friends of all different fitness levels, and motivate you to meet your goals.

How Do I Get One?
A MyZone® belt can be purchased from the Member Services desks at Albemarle Square or Downtown for $79. There are no additional fees to use the system. The belt will come with a set of easy-to-follow instructions to go online, create a user account, and begin tracking activities as soon as desired.

Call Albemarle Square, 434.978.3800 or Downtown, 434.984.3800 with any questions.