Charlottesville Alert

12/19 – 12/23: Repairs to our hot water system will take place December 19-23. acac Albemarle Square will be without hot water during this time.

We will be running on a modified schedule for the upcoming Christmas and New Year’s holidays.


NEW! Cycle30 & BodyPump 30 with Julie S.

Cycle30 is a 30-minute cycle class consisting of higher-intensity cardio bursts to get you a great workout in less time!
BodyPump30 is a 30-minute version of this popular barbell class. It will focus on the upper body and core.
Take these classes individually or back-to-back to maximize your workout.

NEW! Cycle30 & BodyPump30 with Julie S!

location: acac Albemarle Square | Mezzanine & Studio A
date: Wednesdays
times: 12:15pm – 12:45pm & 1:00pm – 1:30pm
instructor: Julie S.

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Questions? Contact Rachel at for more information. | Albemarle Square | Live Your Best.