Charlottesville Alert

New TechnoGym Equipment will be delivered and set up on the Fitness Floor at acac Albemarle Square on Tuesday, Feb. 19. We apologize for any disruptions this may cause, but are excited for brand new equipment!

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acac Downtown, Albemarle Square, and Adventure Central will close at 5:00pm on Sunday, Feb. 24 for an all-team meeting. acac Crozet and Pantops are available 24/7 with a valid acac scan tag.

November Spa Specials

November Spa Specials

Introducing DetoXSoak, a soothing and refreshing herbal detox for the feet and legs. The feet have 500,00 sweat glands that help remove toxins from the body.   So why not enjoy soaking in a unique blend of herbs, as well as magnesium sulfate to relax, detox, and elevate the mood! 

Pricing: $75 members | $80 non-members
Timing: 1 hour 15 minutes

BONUS! Detoxifying Spa Pedicure is $10 OFF!

Plus, when you book and receive a 90-minute massage or facial in November, you will get a complimentary cranberry sugar scrub to your hands and feet! Sugar and cranberry seeds exfoliate, which make your skin feel clean and fresh.  The cranberry seeds also add a pop of red.  

Non-members are welcome, and receive a free day pass to acac.  Complimentary childcare for up to 2.5 hours per day is available in our Kids Zone.

Additional Information on DetoXSoak Services:
DetoXSoak from Cuccio Naturale is a service featuring a rejuvenating foot soak followed by a massage technique of the feet and legs to balance, destress and refresh.  
DetoXSoak contains the natural anti-oxidant properties of vitamin E, pomegranate seed oil, vitamin C, and the hydrating benefits of argan Oil.

Benefits of Cranberry Sugar Scrub:
Cranberries improve skin texture and elasticity and also tones, thanks to their high concentrations of vitamins C, B-3 and A.  It also helps with collagen production.  Cranberries fight free radicals that can cause wrinkles, and they also help keep your skin moisturized.  Sugar creates a gentle abrasion to even out the skin tone.  It removes accumulated dead and damaged skin cells, dirt and excess oil without drying the skin. | #LiveYourBest #SpaYourBest