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Pantops 25 Days of Fitmas Challenge | December 2018

Stay focused and on track during all the holiday madness with our Pantops Fitness Challenge! 

1. This challenge will begin Dec. 1st. 
2. The exercise challenge is accumulative, so each day you ADD ON to the exercises that you did the day before. Therefore, by Christmas you will be doing EVERYTHING on the list. 
3. The nutrition portion of the challenge is simply one trick each day [This is optional]
4. Write your name on the list if you honestly completed everything by Christmas Day
5. Please ask any staff member about an exercise you are unfamiliar with
Check out the challenge below:


1 min plank
2 min burpee
3 jump squats
4 push ups
5 scissor lunges (both sides)
6 dumbbell rear flies
7 crunches
8 leg lifts
9 bicycle crunches
10 russian twist
11 decline situps
12 bosu lunges
13 dumbbell bench press
14 wall squats on ball
15 TRX inverted pull ups
16 TRX squats
17 chest flies
18 step ups or box jumps
19 chest press (machine)
20 leg extensions
21 shoulder press (machine)
22 leg curls
23 rows (machine)
24 leg press
25 jacks


On the first day of Christmas my true love did make me…

Dec. 1  chew each bite 10 times
Dec. 2  be the last to finish meal
Dec. 3 say no to DAILY indulgence
Dec. 4 eat 5-6 small meals today
Dec. 5 leave 3 bites of each food item on plate
Dec. 6 no seconds on anything
Dec. 7 use a small plate and don’t refill
Dec. 8 all snacks must be veggie or fruit
Dec. 9 no processed foods of ANY kind
Dec. 10 no meat- extra veggies
Dec. 11 no desserts at all today
Dec. 12 say no to naughty sweets at least 3x today
Dec. 13 no fast food
Dec. 14 drink 8 glasses of water
Dec. 15 don’t eat anything while watching TV
Dec.16 besides coffee or hot tea, drink only water
Dec. 17 don’t put any sugar on/in ANYTHING
Dec. 18 eat as soon as I wake then every 3 hours
Dec. 19 eat an apple
Dec. 20 drink water after every bite today
Dec. 21 have soup twice  today
Dec. 22 eat water- rich foods like zucchini, tomatoes and cucumbers for lunch and dinner
Dec. 23 avoid: mayo, sugar, cream, syrup, salt, honey
Dec. 24 brush my teeth after each meal/snack
Dec. 25 get most of my calories before noon

Saturday, December 1-25th
Pantops December Fitness Challenge
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