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On Tuesday, January 23 the locker rooms at acac Pantops will be out of service due to maintenance from 8:00pm – 11:00pm. There will be a restroom available in our joint acac Physical Therapy space. 

Personal Training Client - Carol F.

Personal Training Client Success Stories

Client: Carol F.
Trainer: Erin F.

“Over five years ago, I was dealing with an elbow injury that resulted in surgery. Not only did Erin assist me in regaining my mobility post-surgery, working with her became an integral part of my exercise plan. Working out with Erin is a joy! She brings variety into my routines, and has shown me many ways to strengthen a range of muscle groups while having fun. By varying equipment, I have learned multiple ways to use the Bosu, TRX, stability balls, machines, weights, kettle-bells, bands, and my own body weight for a more efficient but challenging workout. Erin also listens carefully to any pain I might be having, and finds ways to work around those aches, while strengthening those areas. After hearing about my success with Erin, my husband, Jeffrey, now enjoys meeting regularly with her. My only wish is that I had more time in my schedule and cash in my pocketbook to see her more often. I can’t imagine having a better personal trainer! Thank you Erin!”
-Carol F.

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