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New TechnoGym Equipment will be delivered and set up on the Fitness Floor at acac Albemarle Square on Tuesday, Feb. 19. We apologize for any disruptions this may cause, but are excited for brand new equipment!

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acac Downtown, Albemarle Square, and Adventure Central will close at 5:00pm on Sunday, Feb. 24 for an all-team meeting. acac Crozet and Pantops are available 24/7 with a valid acac scan tag.

Personal Training Client Story: Deane P

Deane’s Story

“Janine, is simply the best personal trainer that has worked worked with me.  She’s taken a personal interest in my physical fitness.  She takes time to analyze what I have been doing physically and asking me what I want to do in the future. She then put together a multi -faceted program tailored to my needs and capabilities. Since I wanted to lose weight and keep it off, Janine used her knowledge of nutrition and put together a list of recommendations for how I could reach my goals. Her nutrition recommendations were tailored to fit with the exercise regimen she developed for me.  I’ve lost 15 pounds over the past four months.  I find that I am eating much smarter and enjoying the process and at the same time feeling better.  
Additionally, Janine has a great personality and sense of humor.  Janine has also formed an NGO that raises funds to be used to support a young lady who developed a significant mobility difficulty.  It is an honor to know Janine and work with her, since she is simply the best!”
Deane Parker
Deane’s Trainer: Janine Kaestner,
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