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8/18: Scan tag access has been restored at acac Crozet and Pantops. Members are once again welcome to use these clubs for their workouts.

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The Albemarle Square Aquatics Center will be closed from Monday, August 20 – Saturday, August 25 for yearly maintenance. Members are encouraged to use the Waterpark or acac Downtown during this time. Click here for more information.

Personal Training Client Story: Kate H

Kate’s Story

“After four years of not exercising regularly, I decided I wanted to get healthier. I was concerned about getting older and losing muscle mass. Last fall I started to exercise on my own, but I was having a hard time sticking with it. One day while playing with my kids, I fell off a slide a broke two bones- one in my foot and one in my ankle. After six weeks on crutches and several more weeks in a hard boot, I was even farther from my goal. I was referred to the p.r.e.p.¬†program at acac. While I was exercising one day, I met Jason Noble, who is a trainer at acac Downtown. I told him about my goal of getting stronger. At that point I didn’t really know how to lift weights, and I was too intimidated to try on my own. I started training with Jason, and he has taught me all about strength training! Jason has made me stronger than I ever thought I could be. Jason has me doing deadlifts, weighted squats, and so many other exercises I didn’t know I was capable of doing. After learning from Jason, I’m now comfortable using all of the weight equipment on my own. Every week through our group training sessions he teaches me something new that I add to my routine. Jason is working with me to reach my ultimate goal- doing pull ups!”

Kate Higginson

Kate’s Trainer: Jason Noble,

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