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– New TechnoGym Equipment will be delivered and set up on the Fitness Floor at acac Albemarle Square on Tuesday, Feb. 19 and at acac Downtown on Wednesday, Feb. 20. We apologize for any disruptions this may cause, but are excited for brand new equipment!

acac Crozet will be closed from 8:00am-4:00pm on Friday, Feb. 22 for Service Day. There will be no Group Ex Classes or Kids Zone that day.

acac Downtown, Albemarle Square, and Adventure Central will close at 5:00pm on Sunday, Feb. 24 for an all-team meeting. acac Crozet and Pantops are available 24/7 with a valid acac scan tag.

Personal Training Client Story: Skylar D

Skylar’s Story

“I started training with Gina in January of 2016. I had a massive stroke in August of 2015 and was not allowed to exercise for the first 4.5 months of recovery. When I was finally given permission to work out, I knew I had to do training with Gina. Not only was my body weak, but I needed the confidence of having a set of eyes on me the whole time. I joined a group that Gina was already working with, which is how I met Lorena. We’ve since become great friends and workout partners. Lorena and I are constantly meeting up for training, Body Pump classes, and our own personal workout sessions. She’s been an awesome accountability partner. In the last 10 months, I’ve grown so much stronger. I still struggle with left side weakness as a result of my stroke and I still get frustrated about it sometimes while working out, but the stronger I get, the more control I seem to have. I’ve grown more confident in myself and my abilities thanks to the small group personal training I’ve done with Gina and Lorena. “
Skylar Doerwaldt
 skylar and gina
Skylar’s Trainer: Gina Ostarly,
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