Charlottesville Alert

Memorial Day Hours | May 27

We will be running on a modified schedule for Memorial Day on Monday, May 27:

acac Albemarle Square & Downtown: 5:00am-2:00pm

acac Crozet & Pantops: staffed: 7:00am-2:00pm*
*open 24/7 with valid acac scan tag

Adventure Central: 9:00am-7:00pm*
*preschool & after-school closed

Waterpark: 10:00am-7:00pm

Prepping for Spring Races: Training Tips

by acac Downtown Personal Trainer Ann M. Dunn, MS, CPT

Want to run your first half-marathon? Do you want to improve your 5k time? Here are a few things to think about for your next race:

Specificity: Specificity refers to how similar your training reflects the event you are set to compete in.  Are you running very long runs (in excess of 16 miles?) if you want to improve your 5k time? Most likely, your efforts are probably best spent spending more time at your 5k pace and faster.

Balanced Training: Are you mixing up your running speeds? It’s important to hit different energy systems in a week or cycle of training.  Different types of quality work include: tempo runs/cruise intervals, intervals, repetitions, hill repeats, and speed and technique drills.

Components of Training: Outside of running, there are equally important aspects for achieving your peak performance. Strength training improves running economy and can reduce the likelihood of overuse injuries. Proper nutrition can help fuel you through hard workouts and long runs and also improve cardiovascular wellness. Stretching, rolling, and self-therapy techniques help you stay nimble and keep your fascia happy.

Rest, recovery, cross training: Most people can benefit from a day off each week or at least every 2 weeks. Make sure the 2 days leading up to important races are recovery runs and at an easy pace. Cross training (pool, bike, elliptical) are other forms of cardio that can give your running body a rest while still getting your blood pumping!

10% rule: Try not to exceed adding more than 10% to a long run or total volume each week.  Adding too much too quickly is not best for long-term success. 

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List of local area races (From Ragged Mountain Running Shop)

March 2017
18 — Charlottesville Ten Miler
18 — Gator 5K Shamrock Shuffle in Louisa
25 — Orange County Lacrosse Country 5K
26 — Fix A Leak 5K

April 2017
1 — Camp Holiday Trails 5K
8 — Zeta Run For Life 5K
8 — Kid’s Track & Field Clinic at the UVA Track. FREE! 8:30AM
15 — Big Brothers Big Sisters Relay Race
15 — Nelson County 5K Run/Walk
15 — Paint the Playground: One Mile Color Run at Burnley-Moran
22 — Run For Autism 5K
28 — Grand Caverns Split Medal 5K in Grottoes
29 — Montalto 5K
29 — CHS Band on The Run 5K
29 — Jaida’s Joy 5K
29 — Piedmont Region FosterWalk
30 — Hoos Heal 5K

6— Batesville 10K
6— Discovery Dash at Monticello HS
13 — Hospice 5K in Keswick
20 — Xterra Charlottesville Trail Run/Duathlon/Triathlon
20 — Gordonsville 5K Chicken Run
27 — Ramblin’ Rabbit 5K
27 — Keswick Hunt Club Fox Trot 5K