Charlottesville Alert

The entire community of Charlottesville and Albemarle County is in a DROUGHT WARNING. Mandatory water restrictions are in effect. Please help us save water by: limiting shower time, being mindful of towel usage, turning off the faucet when brushing teeth, etc. Remember: every drop saved counts! Thank you!

Rope Wall Workshops at EDGE in Stonefield

Extend Your Yoga Practice with Rope Wall Workshops at the Edge Studio in Stonefield.

Explore the use of the Rope Wall to hone your alignment, lengthen your spine, and strengthen hard to reach muscles.  Rope wall sessions are open to all levels of students and will include a variety of poses. Each session is 75 minutes.


Tuesday, August 8th | 10:30am with Shaaron Honeycutt

Tuesday, August 8th | 5:30pm with Sarah Baugher

Thursday, August 10th | 12:00pm with Shaaron Honeycutt

Thursday, August 10th | 5:30pm with Sarah Baugher

Saturday, August 12th | 10:00am with Sarah Baugher


These classes are FREE to acac members. 


Click here to sign up!  

For more information contact John Piller at