Charlottesville Alert

All acac Charlottesville locations will be running on a modified schedule on Wednesday, Nov. 21, Thursday, Nov. 22, and Friday, Nov. 23 for the Thanksgiving Holiday. Click here to see the full schedule.

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Six-Week Summer Stamina Program with Keaton Rodland!

Do stairs take it out of you? Does that one hike or trip seem impossible to you? Try the Six-Week Summertime Stamina Program with acac Downtown Personal Trainer Keaton Rodland! You will improve your endurance and sustain your energy levels so you can enjoy all of your summertime activities.

date: Pick six weeks in July/August to train with Keaton
time: TBD – scheduled by you and Keaton
location: acac Downtown
cost: 2 monthly payments of $299

details: 6 x 60 min. individualized strength training sessions ($492 value) 6 x 30 min. nutrition and aerobics accountability sessions ($348 value) 2 x 30 min. intake and outtake assessments ($116 value) 2 x InBody measurements ($50 value) A $1006.00 value that you can get for 2 monthly payments of $299 Plus: A tracking Journal, Smoothies, and a water bottle.

Questions or want to sign up? Email Keaton at